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Road Department

A special thanks to our dedicated Road Department for making the Martic Township roads safe for us to travel on, day and night! 


Responsibilities of the Road Department:

(Applies to Township owned roadways only! PennDOT maintains the State owned roads)


  • Trimming back brush, shrubs and trees that have slowly begun to close off our roadways.  We would like to           remind our residents that the township's road right-of-way is 16 1/2' from the center of the road.                     (Lakewood is 25')  Residents are asked to trim back and maintain the foliage on their property, to behind           the right-of-way.  Our road crew WILL eventually be reaching every Township road in Martic and if it                 needs done, they will be doing it! 

  • Gutter cleaning and pipe replacement

  • Weed Control along Township roads and the Rail-trail, which includes mowing and spraying

  • Paving and Seal Coating (Tar & Chipping) of the Township roads

  • Road signage including: road names signs, stop signs, speed limits signs and various warning signs.

           The township continually has theft and vandalism of our signage.  If you see a sign damaged or stolen,                  please contact the Township Road Dept.  This is an ongoing safety concern.

  • Winter Maintenance - such as snow plowing and salting the Township roads.

           Please note: the only state road that Martic is contracted for winter maintenance on is Martic Heights Drive. PennDOT is responsible for                   snow removal on all other state owned roads in Martic.

Martic Township Road Map




For a non-emergency:  Township roadway problems or concerns, please feel free to contact the Road Department at: (717) 284-4445 and leave a message. They will try their best to take care of your concerns. 


For a non-emergency on a State road:  PennDOT may be reached at: 1-800-349-7623


State roadways in Martic Township are:

River Road

Marticville Road (Route 324)

Holtwood Road (Route 372)

Martic Heights Dr.

Red Hill Road

Bridge Valley Road

Susquehannock Drive

Rawlinsville Road

Drytown Road

Frogtown Road (west of Rt. 324)

Truce Road



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