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Enjoy touring the country side of Martic Township;

the rolling hills, the streams, the farms, the woods and all of nature's wonders, found within the township.  These are just some of the beautiful recreational opportunities that are found within our borders... Enjoy your stay! 

Enola Low Grade Rail Trail - The Martic Township rail-trail runs from the Providence Township line, to the Conestoga Township line (Trestle Bridge).  The Board of Supervisors invite you to the rail-trail for hiking, bird watching and bicycling.

Please note the following rules regarding the trail:

  • The trail is open from dawn to dusk

  • Parking:

     a.  Please park in the designated parking area​

     b.  Once the lot is full, the trail is closed to additional visitors

     c.  Vehicles parked in the lot when the trail is closed, will be towed at the owner's expense.

  • No motorized vehicles are permitted on the trail except for emergency equipment, E-Bikes permitted

  • No horses are permitted on the trail

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited

  • Pets MUST be leashed at all times and you are responsible for cleaning up after your pets. Please take pet waste with you when you leave. 

  • This is a pack-it-in / pack-it out trail.  No trash receptacles are available.  Please carry away ALL trash and waste items. 

  • Please respect other trail users.  Ride single file when approaching and passing others on the trail. 


  • Any EMERGENCIES:  Call 9-1-1

  • Rail Trail concerns:  Contact the Martic Township Office (717) 284-2167

Martic Township Park The Martic Township Park, is located along Rt. 324 South, just before River Road and the Pequea Creek.  Hike through trees and mountain laurel and enjoy the natural, peaceful surroundings. As a reminder, the Martic Township Park is an 'all-natural' park, therefore you might encounter wildlife, such as snakes (copperheads are in these woods) and bees, during certain times of the year  Martic does not spray or eradicate bees.  If you encounter bees, please avoid the area. 


After receiving concerns regarding the safety of the visitors at the MT Park, the Board of Supervisors and             the PA Game Commission is reminding visitors that hunting is permitted in the park.  Since the park is           used by many people and for the safety of everyone, please wear orange colored clothing during hunting           season. Notice to all hunters: we do follow the PA Game Commission's guidelines regarding tree stands. Tree stands are not permitted to hang year round.   


Thanks to the efforts of many different boy scouts and volunteers who have helped to improve the park by posting a park sign, replacing a foot bridge, re-blazing trails throughout the park and updating the park's brochure/map.  Your hard work is well appreciated! 

Please feel free to print a brochure of the park trails and information.                                


Susquehanna River  - There are multiple spots in Martic Township that overlooks the river.  Enjoy                   boating from the Pequea Marina, above the Holtwood Dam and south of Safe Harbor Dam.  

Martic Township does not own, operate or maintain this area! 

Pinnacle Overlook & Kelly's Run - The Pinnacle Overlook & Kelly's Run are located in Holtwood, off of River Road. Enjoy hiking, picnicking at the tables or just relaxing along the Susquehanna River's edge from up above.  Keep your eyes open for the Eagles!

Contact the Lanc. Co. Conservancy (717) 392-7891 for more information 

Martic Township does not own, operate or maintain this area!

Trout Run  - located on Pennsy Road (the 'railroad arch' along Pennsy Road right before the Providence             Twp. line).  A great location to hike, fish or just relax.

Contact the Lanc. Co. Conservancy (717) 392-7891 for more information.

Martic Township does not own, operate or maintain this area!




Muddy Run Recreation Park  - Enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, watching deer, geese and ducks. 

Contact the Muddy Run Park at (717) 284-4325 for details. 

Martic Township does not own, operate or maintain this park!





Campgrounds - a few to choose from throughout the Township... 

Martic Township does not own, operate or maintain any campgrounds.

    Pequea Creek Campground


    Tucquan Park Campground

    Olde Forge Campground









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