The  Martic Township Planning Commission meets on the third Thursday of every month, but only as needed!  They meet at the Municipal office at 7:00 PM. 



If you are planning on submitting a plan, it is recommended that you contact the Township Manager to confirm the next deadline.

The deadline for the PC is the 4th Thursday of the month by 12:00 PM, unless a change for the month is indicated on the monthly calendar.  If in doubt, please call the Township office. 

The US mail to the township is always AFTER 12:00 PM, therefore if sending via USPS mail, plan accordingly. 


The Township has adopted its own Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, effective March 2016, along with the Stormwater Management Ordinance, May 2014.

For Fees, please see the Fee Schedule, located under Zoning.  


Martic Township Planning Commission Members:

Jon Kloppmann

Christopher High

Shawn Lehman

Ralph Huber 

Jessica Bernhardt

Alternate: Terry McDonald

Items for discussion:


Agriculture Security Areas (ASA)

Rezoning requests

D.E.P. Sewage Facilities Planning Modules

Stormwater Management 


Land Development

Lot add-ons / Line changes

Township Comprehensive Plan

Proposed new ordinance reviews

Standard procedure for submission to the Planning Commission


1.  Submit copies of complete submission plans to:

     a.  Martic Township Office – 2 plans,  along with application and escrow payments

     b.  Martic Township Engineer: 1 plan:

                         Solanco Engineering Associates, LLC

                         103 Fite Way, Suite C

                         Quarryville, PA 17566

                         Attn:  Brian Gilbert

                         Phone: (717) 786-0355


     c.  Martic Township Solicitor:  1 plan

                         Morgan, Hallgren, Crosswell & Kane

                         PO Box 4686

                         Lancaster, PA 17604-4686

                         Attn:  Josele Cleary


2.  Martic Township Planning Commission meetings are held the third Thursday of every month, (if needed).


3.  After submission to the above listed persons, please contact the Township Manager to verify the Planning Commission meeting agenda item(s) and        plan on attending the PC meeting to present your submission and to answer any questions. 


4.  If the plan(s) are moved onto the Board of Supervisors  for review at their next monthly meeting (typically the 1st Monday of the month unless there      is a holiday), please plan on attending to present and explain to the Supervisors your plan and to answer any questions they may have.  


5. When letters of recommendations and updates are submitted, please forward a copy to the Township, along with the Engineer and Solicitor.


6. The Township Engineer and Solicitor reviews ALL plan submissions to assure compliance with the Martic Township Ordinances.