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Martic Township

With the Winter season upon us, Martic would like to remind everyone:

1. It is illegal to deposit anything, which includes snow, leaves and grass from private and commercial driveways, onto any roadways. 

2. No parking on or along roadways, is allowed, which hinders road clearing.

3. Mailboxes are allowed in road right-of-ways, however as an 'encroachment' if your mailbox becomes damaged during road maintenance and clearing, the mailbox is the property owner's responsibility. 

4. Martic has only contracted with PennDOT to winter maintain Martic Heights Drive.  If you live along a PennDOT roadway and have any concerns, please feel free to contact them at 1-800-349-7623

       List of PennDOT roadways can be found here

 Martic Forge Trestle bridge is now open!

Enola Trail Crossing / Route 324 & Red Hill Road 

Rail Trail Sponsorship Program Form - any questions please feel free in contacting Jim Hearn at 717-575-2292

Spotted Lanternfly information

  1.  Penn State Spotted Lanternfly

   2.  Spotted Lanternfly Management for Homeowners: This resource                offers a list of insecticides and pesticides available for treatment.

   3.  What to do if you find SLF on your property?

   4.  Placing-Sticky-Bands-on-Trees

   5.  Tree Banding Video

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