Subdivision & Land Development


We ask that if you are planning on submitting a Subdivision & Land Development plan for review to Martic Township, that you also forward a digital copy to Solanco Engineering Assoc. / Brian Gilbert @ and the Township's solicitor, Josele Cleary @ so they can begin their reviews.  

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO)


Appendix No. 1  Certificates, Acknowledgements, and Verifications


Appendix No. 2  Forms of Financial Security


Appendix No. 3  Roadways


Appendix No. 4  Lot Grading Plan Examples


Appendix No. 5  Curb Improvements


Appendix No. 6  Sidewalk Improvements


Appendix No. 7  Lot Layouts


Appendix No. 8  Illumination Guidelines for Street, Parking, and Pedestrian Areas





   Sketch Plan


   Lot-Line Change / Lot Add-On Plans


   Preliminary Plans


   Final Plans